Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Flowers

I hope you all had a peaceful Easter Sunday

It was lovely and sunny here today in Fife.
 Our church alter was decorated with beautiful Easter Lillies. Spring green branches and daffodil bunches tied with white ribbon to the rafter supports added a beautiful simple touch.
After church our little one spent some time in the garden with daddy weeding and planting new things. It was lovely to see them both enjoying the sunshine.

This was a bunch of flowers which were showing signs of growing thin when I read Rhiannon's post about her flower table decoration I decided to do the same, I think it looked pretty.

I totally love this pale green vintage table cloth
 I picked it up at our local car boot sale last weekend for 50p!

Throughout the day I enjoyed working some more on my black and white quilt, but more on that tomorrow.


Rhiannon said...

The flowers look great! I especially love the other vase inside too. Plus bargin! I need to find me a car boot sale! (thanks for the comment!)

mollymell said...

The flower arrangement over the table looks lovely.
What a lovely day you guys had. We had a sunny day here, too, but now it's raining.
I started our Spring cleaning, and I have to tell you that I am beat right now.

Anonymous said...

The table cloth looks like the ones I grew up with - my parents always insisted on having the table laid properly for meals.


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