Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sweet little things

I was watching an episode of antique roadshow a couple of weeks ago, it was set in Australia an there was a woman who had brought in a little white ceramic urn with a lid, it had a delicately painted country scene on it and was edged in gold. Turned out that it was quite valuable, she had another one at home and had purchased both together for $12 from an 'opportunity shop' which I though was the best name to describe a charity shop, for we never know what awaits us when we visit.
I wanted to show you two little things I had the opportunity to buy.

On one visit to the Salvation army shop, I was kidnapped by a dear little old lady who was eager to get me to the sale table at the back of the shop which has the leftover unwanted wares, the last ditch attempt to sell before they go out the back door. On first glance there was nothing I wanted or was willing to give house room to but I had a look to be polite and found at the bottom of a box of stuff under the table this sweet little glass ice bucket with a silver handle, well worth the 20p ransom!
and perfect for handing round the Quality street

On another visit to another little opportunity shop, I came across this little silver plated petit four stand waiting to be snapped up for £2.50! I  was so excited to find this little thing as it was just what I was looking for to complete another little Christmas gift project I have been working on.

Sweet little felt cakes for Charlotte .....

They are only little, as you can see them here displayed on my full size cake plate

So perfect in size was this little treasured find.......

These are my first attempt at felt cakes, they were fun to do.

1 comment:

Marigold Jam said...

Lucky you! That little stand is perfect for those delicious non fattening little felt cakes. And the ice bucket too I wouldn't have been able to let that pass and for 20p!


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