Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow Garland

A few weeks ago whilst browsing on the net I saw a lovely idea for a snow garland, 
I don't remember where.
I thought it might be fun to try out and if successful, I might make a few to hang in the window for Christmas.

The idea looked quite simple small circles of white card and paper doilies sewn on a string.

I used white thin printer quality card and a 1 inch circle punch cutter.
I tried to cut out the circles from the Dollie but they kept jamming in the cutter......this reminded me why I do very little paper craft projects I am never lucky with paper punches they are always jamming on me and I loose interest. I think you have to spend a lot of money on these punches for them to be any good.

Anyway the way round my problem was to cut both together a layer of card with a layer of Dollie on top. This worked much better.

The only downside to this is that its a bit more time consuming, positioning and checking and there is perhaps more waste thank I would like.

So I got out the glue spread some over the card, picked out and stuck down the little bits of leftover Dollie and sprinkled it with a layer of fine iridescent glitter

and got some more little circles to add to my pile...........

Next was the sewing bit which I thought would be difficult but it was easy. Making these only from memory of a picture of a finished garland I thought I would have to use a cord or string so I fished out some white crochet cotton and started to try to stitch the cord along with the first circle.
It was not very successful and the cord came right back out again. I don't have any pictures of the sewing stage but I soon worked out that you don't need cord you simply just keep sewing and feeding the circles through .....card  on the bottom Dollie on the top....a little space of about 8 stitches in between each one. I added a glittery one every now and again spacing them out.
For me the sewing was the fun part and it took very little time to do.

if I didn't have to sit and cut out all the circles I would probably make more but I made one garland with this lot and decided it was all I wanted to do for now.
You can see from the pictures that on some of them I folded the Dollie back for a pretty 3D effect.

I think they are pretty effective and I might make more, perhaps as a two step project of sitting in the evening with the card, doilies and cutter and building up a box full ready to be stitched. 
Right now I'm happy to admire my little garland up on the mirror above the sofa, reminding me of the season.

We got more snow last night............... isn't this icicle amazing!

we have them all around the outside of the house, this is the view from Charlotte's window and her collection of icicles

Our car hasn't moved since last last Saturday, better safe than sorry

and my studio too has a lovely collection of icicles down the side

and this is what the snow pie looks like today..........

it's now 9.5 inches high!..... the bricks you see to the right are the first step to the back door the snow is the same height its quite a deep step about 10 inches high.


Louise said...

Wow! You have loads of lovely snow! We're just getting flurries here. Lovely snow garland, what a clever idea.

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi Louise, flurries is good im getting ichy feet now and need to get out. My husband managed to get the car out this afternoon and also managed a trip to Focus for paint, to finishe the decorating we started last week, and Asda for food supplies which was good :o)


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