Friday 31 December 2010

Now I can show you

I enjoyed working on each one of these presents for my children.
This is a tea time play mat come storage bag for Charlotte's tea set and felt cakes that I made.
made from leftover fabric from her full size quilt cover which I altered to cot bet quilt size.
I added applique teapot cups milk jug sugar bowl and spoons in one section and a plate of biscuits, some cupcakes, doughnuts and sweets in the other.

The drawstring around the edge gets pulled to bring the edges together to form a bag.

The reverse is a patchwork of matching fabrics. Some of the sections I stitched little rhymes like 'Polly put the kettle on' and 'five little buns in the bakers shop'

With still some fabric left from the quilt cover I made a little pillow and patchwork quilt for a small wicker pram which my oldest daughter April was given on her 2nd Christmas which was fished out the loft, April was delighted to see her little sister pushing the pram on Christmas day.

Next was the quilt I started 13yrs ago and which got put in a drawer and almost forgotten about.
blogged about here and here

This is how it looks now

and for the other side I got a lovely 'Bindweed' flower fairy panel and added patchwork strips each side

She loved it and it wasn't long before she was snuggled under it on the sofa

Next was the second patchwork project which I pulled from the drawer and blogged about here 

This quilt was started about 13yrs ago for David and he has asked me a couple of times as to what happened to I'm pleased to say its complete
This is the front

and this is the back

Those patches are all pieces of Davids shirts

Which he wore around age 10.
He was also delighted to see his finished quilt ...I didn't get a picture of him with his quilt.

with lots of bits of shirt fabrics left over I also did him a heat pad which goes in the microwave

With a removable washable cover and one for Harry too

from one of his old shirts

and a fun pencil pot covered in paper rolls from one of his old Beano comics

April also got a heat pad and lots of other things I made I forgot to photograph in the last few mad rushed days leading up to Christmas ....garlands, paper hanging hearts, snowflakes, gingerbread cookie kits, hand warmers, rag bracelets, laptop covers... ... each of them warmly appreciated.

I'm really pleased to have achieved so much and I'm looking forward to beginning the new year with new projects.
I'm off now to check on my steak pie, homemade soup and chocolate covered shortbread and bring in the new year with a Glava or two ;o)

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all a very happy and peaceful new year wherever you are in the world x


Marigold Jam said...

Wow what a lot of beautiful finished objects - you must be feeling really pleased with yourself now? Happy New Year.


Louise said...

Wow! You have been very productive! I love all your projects, but must say the tea time play mat is my favorite. Very clever. Happy New Year!

David said...

Thanks for all your hard work mum,

It truly made Christmas special for me and everyone!

Love David x

Yvonne Moxon said...

:) Thanks x


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