Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Show and tell of a busy weekend

I have been meaning to write about the lovely weekend of 9th & 10th I had with my sister Theresa.
On the Saturday morning, with bags packed I set off for Airdrie
 to take part in a workshop with Alison King
'Entrances and Exits'
Everyone brought images and photographs of interesting entrances and exits, doorways, arches gates etc for inspiration. Once we had each decided our subject we set to work in all different ways with paper, card, fabric, paints and thread to recreate our little scenes, I didn't take any pictures on the day,  I was having way too much fun and had a lot of stuff to be getting on with. The best part of the morning was taken up with everyone cutting out paper patterns and card layers which will work under the fabrics to build up layers and depth to their pieces.

My photograph
taken in Rethymnon Crete 2010 a beautiful decaying doorway 

we only had one day to work on our pieces with Alison 
however my sister Theresa and I worked on our pieces when we got back to hers as I was staying over and we worked in her craft room until 11.30 in the evening.

 This is mine so far......
I'm working on two parts of the piece at once,
in class I began by recreating the old stone effect wall
I painted on some white fabric with my watercolour dyes 
and then used my Softywax fabric crayons and Markal paintsticks.
 The stitching on this was done later in the evening, I backed it with a piece of blanket and machine stitched into it a little, I left it there to think about it for a while.

The card door surround and hexagon window surround which I covered with silk in class and worked into these some with the paintsticks highlighting the edges, I may work into them more later.
the window surround

this is the door surround 
which I worked on more in the evening, adding in the wire-work, 
I still have more to do here with this.

A terracotta pot
a thick card backing, wadding covered in cotton, couched cords added
then a coat of thick paint, quit effective result I think. This will sit at the side of the door and hold a tree of some sort...undecided at present...I'm thinking grape vine, which are common in Crete.

like this one in Kokkini Hani ~ 2010
growing out of a wall 
and wandering upwards to the balcony above
 you can see the grapes hanging in abundance 

So lots still to do and lots still to think about......I'm enjoying the process

On Sunday morning we awoke to snow! 
Our destination for the day was SECC Glasgow for our yearly visit to the Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft Show.
As Theresa's car was fitted with snow tyres we opted to go in hers.
about 400yrds from the venue the clutch went and we had to wait on a recovery vehicle arriving, we got our rescuer to drop us off at the show at around 10.30 and sent him off with the car home to Airdrie. We opted just to deal with getting home later, not wanting to spoil our much anticipated inspiring day of threads, fabrics and all things crafty.
inside my shopping bag
I went mainly for threads and I got some beautiful ones,
especially these 'Caron Wildflowers'

We both bought Margaret Beal's soldering iron for fusing fabrics,
and also, some little metal templates for using with it.
some nice fabrics 
stocked up on supplies of glue dots,
 double sided tape and glitter, needles and silk ribbons

I also managed to have a nice helpful chat with Lorna Bateman who does beautiful  ribbon embroidery kits, having just started working on one of her larger pieces which I think is called 'Spring Garden' which I bought a couple of years ago. We talked about various stitches and she advised me on thread thicknesses and bead sizes for the sampler. 
I bought these beautiful threads from her .

bargain of the day had to be these,
15 brass stencils from Samuel Taylor's stock clearance basket
 for the sum of £3.50
We got the train back to get my car from Theresa's and after a superb steak pie dinner which was all ready on our arrival, thanks to her hubby Ronnie, we managed to fit in a Mothers Day visit and catch up with the rest of the family at Mums in the evening.


Jane Greiner said...

What a lovely weekend Yvonne! Your Cretan doorway is looking good, and I look forward to following its progress. The photos of your purchases made my mouth water too:)
Jane x

TwinkleToes2day said...

What a fabulous weekend Yvonne, not withstanding the pesky car incident of course. Your Cretan piece is going to be fabulous, and I can't wait to see what you do with all those beautiful threads. How wonderful to get to the SECC. I'm fascinated by the brass stencils. I bought some, hoping to use them with paint or paste, but they don't cooperate with me. Lots more practice required obviously haha. :0) Mo x

Theresa said...

H yvonne,
we certainly had fun,
Love Theresa xx


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