Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Flying high!

The letter K is for ............
Anytime we have taken out a kite to fly
 it always ends up at some stage with a little collection of knots to unravel!
But this little kit is flying high
the only knots are decorative ones
'French Knots' ~ as the centre cross 
Bullion Knots ~ on the Kensington stitch tail
Kensington stitch is also known split stitch 
Klosterstitch a form of single thread couching ~ outlining the kite
Klosterstitch is also known as Bokhara or Roumanian couching. It was widely used in Germany the 14th Century, especially in works associated with convents, hence the name "Kloster" or convent stitch.
Four 'K' stitches in all and two new names for me!

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