Thursday, 28 March 2013

Rethymnon Door

Yesterday I spent some time on my little Cretan Doorway piece that I started in the Alison King workshop with EG Airdrie branch.
I had neglected it a little and needed to get back on track with it, I have been giving it some thought over the past few days as to how I wanted to construct the decaying door. 
So while Charlotte was at nursery I got out paints and things and got started.

I started with a piece of pale green cotton shirt fabric building up layers of water colour dyes using my photograph as reference. I will stitch into this to try and create a weathered wood effect.
next I worked on the step 
with a little paint, then Softywax fabric crayons
after hot iron fixing this will be padded out and stitched into a little too I think.
Charlotte was delighted to get out to play in the snow for a little

 so I was able to work on it a little bit more while she played

I place out the components so far,
 decided a whole wall of stone was perhaps too much 
so I thought some stonework might be a nice detail to add
 represented here with bits of card.
then I worked on a little bit of lilac silk
I may work into this more with my Markal paint-sticks 

detail of the wire-work on the doorway.
I'm off to EG Airdrie branch tonight so there will be more progress to show soon.

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