Wednesday, 14 November 2012


This weeks Tag Tuesday theme 'Sepia'
says just one thing to me 
old photographs
 This is a fabric transfer image of a digital photograph of an original sepia print
stitched onto a thicker cream fabric background.
Embellished with brown ribbons, rik rak and ivory lace.

The guy at the top right is my uncle John Brady, my fathers brother,
he is about 17yrs old in the picture. He fought in the 2nd world war and was a prisoner of war for 6years, during that time his family were told he was missing presumed dead. He took place on the long march and was very ill and undernourished,  rescued by American soldiers and slowly fed small amounts of food until he was well enough to be shipped back to the UK he was 6 stone when he finally arrived home and his mother got the shock of her life when he walked in the front door. He went on to marry and had 5 children. He died about 30 yrs ago now, but I will never forget his happy cheery smile 
and the fun tricks he played on us when I was young girl.
Here is another picture of him taken by my dad 
happier times, with his family,
 I'm not sure which ones are his and which are other cousins.
My tag is dedicated to my Uncle John.

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Angela Bell said...

What a lovely post,thanks for sharing this.


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