Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Regatta, Bunting & Flags

I had so many ideas for this weeks Tag Tuesday 'Bunting & Flags' theme
 but was so busy this week that
I only really turned my mind to my tag this morning with just about an hour to spare!
In my little box of tags, cut from greetings cards I found the perfect background to set the scene.
paper bunting from the little off cuts of paper
and a couple of iris flowers which I made from a little miniature kit,
these were inspired from the lovely flowers I was given on Saturday for my birthday
The finished tag made me think of a sunny summer regatta!

It's been such a busy couple of weeks I have had very little time to spend being creative,
If it wasn't for Tag Tuesday and my extra challenge to have them made by and posted on each Tuesday then I would probably not have taken any time out to be creative in the past three weeks! mind you after having a lovely 5 days to be as creative as I wanted whenever I wanted and being able to get a huge part of my flower quilt remake done I can hardly complain.
The week before last was a week of re-thinking, changing, removing and replacing.
My niece moved house on the Sunday and Monday, I helped there, which spurred me into re-thinking the girls room. April has moved back home again for a while and has squeezed in to share with Charlotte.
Too much furniture not enough good storage, so I put the bedroom furniture up for sale on the Thursday, by Saturday it was sold collected on Sunday and a trip out followed to buy a better replacement.
Of course when you got no storage, you cant put it off for a few days, the beds were piled high with stuff! and we spend the Sunday afternoon and well into the evening building and fitting the new wardrobes
At last its all filled and the girls have a little bit more space to dress, play, make-up and sleep.
 I think they are happy in their new space now :)


Rhiannon said...

Oh I love bunting! Gorgeous, and happy birthday! Hope it was a good (if not busy) one!

Louise said...

Love the little card! I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Lynn Holland said...

I have two blogs that are like opening a favourite book. One is yours and the other is Diana at Velvet Moth Studio.
Beautiful, beautiful work Yvonne
Lynn x x x
One I Made Earlier Today

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you Rhiannon, Louise and Lynn you make me smile :) I appreciate your little visits and your lovely comments xx

karen said...

you have been busy!! I couldn't find bunting anywhere down here...sold out! I made do with a couple of Union Jacks in plant pots!

Linda said...

I love the bunting and regatta tag. You work magic with so many mediums.


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