Friday, 11 May 2012

Day 4 ~ Flower Quilt ~ Hand quilting

Last night, saw me spend too much time removing threads from the original panel
 I cut a new backing from the pale green sheet which was the original back of the larger quilt, much more agreeable than brown!

Finally I began quilting the new work to the fleece throw.

Two of the four squares in the bottom corner
 and the blue flower panel now completed
I got to bed way too late last night and feeling a bit tired this morning :(
Today I'm hoping to get a lot more quilting done my aim is to have both sides ready to sandwich together by the time 'C' and daddy return on Saturday. 
Not sure if I'll manage it!
I'm missing them :( but by all accounts they are having a lovely time, spending time with family going to the beach at Mudeford and visiting Winchester Cathedral
Today they are off to spend the day further along the lovely Jurassic coast at Dorset
with a trip to Sea World

and visit to 'Durdle Door' which I know  'C' is looking forward to.
It features in one of her favourite films 'Nanny  McPhee'
 it's such a beautiful place I wish I was going with them today :(
This picture was taken in 2007 when we were there,  I have a lovely one of 'K' and I sitting on the beach but he doesn't like me posting pictures of him so this one will have to do.

Right better get on with my quilt!

1 comment:

TwinkleToes2day said...

Looking good there :)
I've seen that picture of Durdle Door before but didn't know that was it's name. Must find out why ;)
You'll be so excited by the time 'home time' is approaching. Lots of little girl hugs, soooo sweet ;)


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