Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cardmaking, Birthday gifts & Cake

I couldn't post this on Tuesday as I had planned as my sister didn't make it to mine on Tuesday for the EG meeting and only got her gifts on Wednesday.

As I mentioned in my post on Tuesday, its my sister Theresa's 60th  birthday, shes having a 'Hippy themed party on Saturday and we have been getting out outfits organised for that.
I went to choose a card for her a few days ago and couldn't find one I liked,
instead I bought this magazine......with free things
a book of papers and 2 sheets of card decals
I make the occasional card for  a special occasion but don't make them all the time, I used to a few years ago but there are so many stamps and inks and punches and cutouts etc that I find the whole business a bit overwhelming at the shows and so I opted out of card making a while back,
that said I decided to make a special one for Theresa with my freebies.

So I used one of the sheets of paper as a backing, some rik rak and lace a paper/sequin flower combination then attached all this onto a folded A4 sheet of pearlised card.
I made a butterfly from another sheet of the paper and added a couple of paper roses
then some ribbon to one of the tag decals with a 'with love' sticker from my stash
next some little music sheet flowers and seed beads

I'm pleased with how it turned out
and I also used them to decorate a wreath I had made for her from my sheet music.

two more butterflies

 paper roses from my stash
 and some of the decals in the spaces

I saw a beautiful heart pendant on pinterest a while ago,
 encrusted with pearls and crystals and made of silver at £85
 it was a bit out of my price range

so I had a go at making my own version,
a sterling silver heart with a hammered finish and pearls,
crystals and diamante stones silver wire
in some of her favourite colours . .
teal chiffon ribbon looped on which allows it to be worn at any length
 I hope she likes it,
these are little icing flowers I made in advance for decorating the cake

which isn't made yet ... I will post pictures of it on Saturday.

this little lot will be going on cupcakes.



Theresa said...

Theresa here, I have been so spoiled, my card, and wreath, have been so admired, but the pendant, more than I could have wished for, I love it, isn't it so sweet, can't wait to wear it and show it off.
Thank you so much Yvonne, you are a very clever lady, and so generous, thank you for all the time and effort you have put into my Birthday, Also the little cute flowers, which we will photo when finished.
Love, Theresa xxx

TwinkleToes2day said...

What super birthday gifts :) Made with love from the heart. What more could a sister....could anyone, ask for. You are such a talented lady :D If I could be half that good, I'd be happy ;)
Please would you tell me how you make those paper butterflies?
Thanks, Mo :)

Lynn Holland said...

Everything is so beautiful Yvonne.
Lynn x

Louise said...

You have one lucky sister! Your creations are all just amazing. I am in awe. I love the pendant, very beautiful.


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