Thursday, 6 January 2011

28 Squares No 8, 9 & 10

I worked a little more on the 28 square sampler in memory of my niece Bianca

No 8 Christmas Tree

No 9 Pumpkin

No 10 Gift

The sampler so far.........

I thought it would get at least a little bit easier to talk about the reasons for the things that I stitch in the squares, but as time goes by and I pick up the sampler and work a little bit more on it just gets more difficult


Gunnels blog said...

This is so nice!

Theresa said...

Its looking good, what are the new ones?..............also have some more memories, she loved to make caramel cake, with the wee choc sprinkles, remember, ? had to ban her from makin it though cos I would eat most of the tray, lol, on her last Mothers Day, she brought me flowers, and two of the heads were hanging by a thread, she said, sorry Mum. the dog jumped on them.and then she laughed, I was not Also a lovely bright blue watering can, with flowers on the side. For my garden. She painted my rocker , think it was the same day. Didn't finish cos it was too cold, then promised to help me clean up the garden a bit, when the weather got warmer...............Bought some paint to finish the rocker for spring arriving, we did so much work in that garden together, planted all the trees,, they are all maturing so nicely. last couple days had two little robins twittering away, sure its her letting me know she's still around.


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