Friday, 7 January 2011


Pastel Shades

Today I reopened my Etsy shop and decided to sell some of my inchies.
I enjoy the process of making inchies.
I enjoy seeing a set come together and find new ways and new ideas to embellish them with each set I create unique.

Pink & Red

There are so many ways to use inchies, in bigger pieces of art, embellishing journals, bags, purses, iphone and ipad cases, jewellery making, quilts.......these are just a few, I'm sure there are many more.

I'm selling them unframed to keep costs down and allow you the choice of how to use them. I will however be sending them out mounted on card, ready to be framed. The set of 16 fits nicely into a square frame available from IKEA. I have shown pictures of each set on the listings in the black and the white frames.

These two sets are now up for sale and I'm hoping to get more up for sale soon.

Update : Pastel inchies set now SOLD but photographic prints are now available of my inchie sets in my ETSY shop.


Sandie said...

Oh! what lovely inchies, I love the colours and the embellishments, great work.

Jackie said...

Yvonne Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Its brought me here and made me think about starting an inchie project perhaps to get me into sewing again.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

These are beautiful Yvonne. I think Etsy is great just now! I'm going to add you to my circle : )
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments : )

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thanks Raggy , Jackie and Aileen for such nice comments it was a little uplifting to read them today as Im a bit under the weather with a bug and yet so ready to get some serious stitching done, Jackie I cant wait to see those inchies I know they will be special I have added to you to my follow list and Aileen its been a little while since I visited Etsy and hoping with the currency change that it will be a bit better for us UK sellers there. The Circle thing is new to me thanks for adding me to yours I will add you both to mine thanks again guys x

gunnelsvensson said...

These are so beautiful! It´s so fun to do inches, isn´t it?
Thanks for adding me in your circle at Etsy :-)

Wendie-kins said...

wow, these are gorgeous! I found your blog via as she has just featured you there. I remember seeing your work before, perhaps on cdhm? or ebay? wherever it was, I fell in love with one of your miniature cross-stitch cushions :o) great to see you in blogland, I shall pull up a chair and read through your blog and admire your work once more... I may be some time! LOL x

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you Gunnel I agree they are so enjoyable to work on :)
Hi Wendie, thank you it was very kind of Ruthie to feature me there, I think her art is wonderful.
I used to be a regular visitor and moderator on CDHM for a while. I did a few freestyle embroidered cushions blogged about here and crazy patchwork embroidered cushions in miniature which were featured in Dollshouse and Miniature Scene. I hope you enjoyed the read :o)


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