Monday, 17 June 2013

Yes we are...totally mad!

I know that's what you will be thinking.....
a new project :)
 a bit of a challenge, 
a little lighter in weight than our last little Monza ,
 but the same shape and layout
retro to some but totally not my colours
and in need of a huge bit of TLC
I think it was on the drive a couple of hours and already carpet 
and curtains were out .....well they were awful!
I set to work today removing the matching re-covers and the fitted covers 

from all the seats and back rests.

It's looking brighter and smelling much better in there now :)

1 comment:

Lynn Holland said...

You certainly don't make life easy for yourselves. I wish I had done before & after pics on our van. Good luck Yvonne :)


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