Friday, 14 June 2013

Three little sea~side pictures

A little bit of sewing and stitching ....... and a new book

I have had the idea of these little pictures on my to do list for a while, I've got a few of these little wooden hoops and I wanted to make something with them. 

Then just a couple of days ago, inspired by a new book,

I first read about it on Annes blog then when I opened this months issue of Homemaker and read some more about it, I couldnt resist, I popped over to Amazon to see if I could get it there with my birthday gift voucher from David,  it was available. When it arrived, I wasnt dissapointed, it' a beautiful book.
My little hoops were given a quick wash of watercolor paint and hung out to dry on the line before using them to frame my finished pictures.


JansArtyJunk said...

These are wonderful Yvonne...I'm just taking up embroidery again...and love seeing these hoop art, thanks for the book recommendation, may just have to keep a eye out for that one. Jan x

sally said...

Lovely hoop art, so long since I did any of these!


Lynn Holland said...

Love love love the hoops but I wish you hadn't shown me that book. Can't stay I've got a bookstore to visit.
Lynn xx


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