Sunday, 20 January 2013

Butterfly Girl Bag

A T-Shirt to Bag How To
I couldn't find another tutorial on the Internet when I was looking to make this so hopefully it will be useful to all those mums out there with little girls who don't like to let go of that favourite t-shirt.
This is Charlotte's favourite T-shirt of all time! 
she got it for her 2nd birthday
 and when it got too short
I added a bit from another outgrown t-shirt onto the bottom,
stitched in place with a few French knots....
..and she wore it for another few months....she grows very slowly
Now its just too tight,  so she has finally agreed that its too small
but just the perfect size for a little bag don't you think?
First of all I cut the body section off just below the arms and
the cap sleeves away from the upper body and long thinner part of the sleeves
from some old blue sheeting I cut a piece for the inner bag
I have not used any measurements its just all guesswork
 joined the cap sleeves together
pin onto one side of inner 
and stitch in place

 cut double length folded piece of fabric roughly the size of the other side
 make a pocket by stitching on 3 sides
insert interfacing
should look like this
 pin to other side folded unstitched edge at the top
stitch both pockets in place on 3 sides to create inner pockets
stabiliser on the back makes stitching tshirt fabric much easier
fold inner section in half and stitch along the bottom and up the side to make the inner bag

next take shirt body and turn inside out this will be the outer
 machine along the bottom
 stitch across each of the corners
 turn outer right side out
 put inner inside outer and fold edge in and pin, sew together
sew strips of the fabric from the arms together to make a long strap
I also used a decorative stitch along the length,
 and hand stitch to each side of the bag
 all done!
perfect size for her new dolls pushchair
I hope you find this tutorial useful and would love to see one if you make it.
Yvonne x


Rhiannon said...

what a great idea Yvonne! lucky girl to have such a talented mum!

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you Rhiannon I had you in mind when I posted it :)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Oh how clever you are Yvonne!! This is fabulous and I bet Charlotte looks after it and it will last her such a long time.
There's a lady local to us who make 'Pyjama Pets' with the same idea in mind as this, to allow those favoured jammie's to last a little longer. I have some with buses that need to be sent off. :0) Mo xx


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