Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hanging Hearts

This is another one of those projects I talked about on my first post of the year, it's took me a while to get round to getting some pictures taken!

For our 5th wedding Anniversary (Sept 2011) Kevin bought me 
this lovely little string of hanging hearts
One heart for every year and in keeping with the theme of wood 
(we like to follow the themes for fun :)
I started this new year with a little project, 
and finally got around to putting something nice in them
inspired by a book Kevin bought me last year for Christmas 
The New Crewel Work > see it here
here is a close up of the little stitcheries
I traced the size of the aperture of the hearts into my sketchbook
 and after choosing which patterns to use I sketched them into the squares,
  transferred my sketched images onto a little scrap of white fabric using an embroidery transfer pencil.
I put the fabric into a hoop and stitched them all with embroidery thread rather than wool.
 The finished embroideries were ironed onto fusible buckram,
 trimmed to size and put into the heart frames.

Another little 'to do' job done :)

I'm off to the E.G. Airdrie branch tonight
Last time I was there everyone was making name badges to be finished  to wear for next time
 This is mine worked in Satin stitch, French knots and Double knots on hand dyed and frayed fabric
I wrapped it round a piece of card and slip stitched the back of it and added a brooch bar.
I think we will be starting new projects tonight
I'm looking forward to it :)

1 comment:

TwinkleToes2day said...

OMGoodness Yvonne what beautiful work! Both the hearts and your name plate. The needlework is exquisite!
Hope you had a lovely evening at your E.G :0) Mo x


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