Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sunny Weekend Camp

We managed to take advantage of the sunshine we had at the weekend and got some time away at Thurston Manor camp site in our little caravan. 
Eager to try out our new Isabella awning which we are delighted with and a perfect fit! 
Our porch awning which we bought last year has been a great purchase being such a large porch awning and we have a little van,  but when I we got it out to use on our trip to Oban I noticed it had a rip on the window panel where it is stitched to the door so its not going to last much longer, perhaps it could be repaired. 
With my sister Theresa and her grandson Dylan, we set up camp on Friday.  
One of the drawbacks to the porch awning was getting it to sit flush on the side of the van,  and lets in a lot of draughts when it's windy, having the full awning which fist all the way round the van is great, although with the weather so lovely and sunny we spent most of the 2 days sitting outside relaxing, it was roomy enough for us all to retreat to in the evening when it got a little chilly even Adele, Mike and the little ones who joined us for the day on Saturday.
We also bought a bedroom annex which zips into the side panel you can see in this picture.
 Harry tried it out, it was a bit cold at night not helped by the fact he was a bit unwell with a temperature so ended up back in the caravan at 3am. 
Charlotte too ended up with a sore throat and a temperature but still managed to sleep through the night.

The camp site was lovely, I think we will all be back.

The little Freedom caravan on the left is Theresa's, isn't it cute :)
Charlotte and Harry are on the mend now :)

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TwinkleToes2day said...

How wonderful Yvonne, a perfect home away from home :-D
Sorry to hear the kiddos weren't well but glad they're on the mend again now. The joys of returning back to school/nursery life huh.
Take care :0)


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