Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Starry Eyes

My little Tiny Tears is home again. C and I had waited with such anticipation on her return and it was such a thrill to finally hear the postman's knock C was jumping up and down with excitement, she kept looking at me as I was opening the package 'are you excited mum' she kept saying.
I guessed she sensed this from me as we had spoken about her quite a few times in the past week, it was so nice to have her share this moment.
We were not disappointed,  here eyes are stunning I had forgotten the pretty blue colour they were and the eyelashes just flutter as she is lifted and played with, C got her long awaited cuddle and said  'im not scared of her now!' :)
After 40yrs of safe keeping in a box she is now complete again.

So who are wonderful people who fixed her? It was 'Ellies Dolls Workshop'
 I have to tell you as the service was excellent. Very friendly, efficient and quick.
I found them on the Internet, I emailed my enquiry about having her eyes replaced and got a reply a day later with a price, I called them and spoke to Lesley, she told me it would only take a couple of days. 

I had the doll back within a week, although she was fixed on Friday Lesley held off posting her back to me until after the weekend, just in case she got left on a shelf and forgotten about.

I'm so delighted with her! 
can you tell ?
And look at her now
Wearing her pretty new dress hat and shoes
hand knitted by this  lovely seller on ebay
I did make a slight alteration to the ribbons on the hat,
I made a shorter loop tie with one length and with the other I cut to make 2 ankle ties for the shoes.
It's a really pretty outfit and fits perfectly. 
I added a little rosebud & ribbon holder for her original Tiny Tears dummy.
Sadly, I don't have her original  bottle any more to demonstrate to C that she really does cry and wet her nappy when fed. Ill have to try and source one. 

My next little project is to make her a nappy.


Su said...

Oh she does look pretty now! And you're definitely going to have to source a bottle for her, can't have a Tiny Tears without tears (and the other!) can you?

Yvonne Moxon said...

lol you certainly cant Sue! and i did want to show C what she can do ;)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Oh wow, I've not seen a Tiny Tears like that since my sister had one as a girl. I had a different doll, but still loved Tiny Tears too. The clothes you found are so cute, I do hope you manage to find a bottle for her and your daughter can enjoy her to the full. :0) x


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