Saturday, 15 September 2012

Baby Dolls

Charlotte has been asking me to get more clothes for blue baby, 
Blue baby is a little baby doll which was unearthed from the loft in a bag of toys which belonged to April her older sister. She was quite new looking as she was not one of Aprils favourites but Charlotte seems to have taken a shine to her, actually I should say him as Charlotte has decided Blue baby is a boy.
So I have ordered some doll making patterns from a nice seller on Etsy ...we shall see what I make from them......I was never a dress maker....more of a wrap that round and tie a knot there kind of doll dresser when I was a child. 
Which brings me on to my next subject, my childhood doll Teeny Tiny Tears.
A treasured Christmas present when I was 5yrs old I have hung on to her keeping her in a box until such times when I can have her put right, sadly she has no eyes,
 I wont go into the details but I saw them highlighting the eyes of a giant Mark Bolan poster in my older brothers room and was horrified to find out where they came from.... need I say more!
Anyway I'm delighted that I have found a dolls hospital that will repair them so that she might be seen in public again :) I carefully packed her up and posted her off on Wednesday I got an email to let me know that she had safely arrived at the dolls hospital in Dorset.

Looking forward to getting her back soon .......

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