Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Circus & Singers

Last weeks theme on Tag Tuesday was 'Circus'
this is my little attempt with the theme
 The background is red and white Prismacolor Pencil 
with an added sprinkle of red glitter for sparkle
The little clown, also a Prismacolor pencil drawing was cut out 
and attatched with sticky pads for a 3D effect as were the gold stars.
I took the printed words from an article in 'Sew' magazine about the Glamorous Giffords Circus and their amazing vintage themes costumes.
Its not my best tag, Im a little restricted to what I can do at the moment with my back still causing me grief and my printer is still out of action. 
Although its not that long since we bought a black cartridge for it, and it has been used, last week it came up with an error message about the cartridge being counterfeit and it refuses to print.

I have sold two of my old singer sewing machines, both 99k ones.
1958 hand crank one
1945 Knee leaver
 I didn't really see the point of keeping them as I was never going to use them and they take up space. I still have my 28k which I wouldn't part with and there is room for that now in the cupboard. I thought I would be sad to see them go after all this time but actually, Im glad they are both away to good places to be used and loved as they should be Singers are meant to go on and on ......

and my back......

I finally gave in and went to the Docs, he tested for mechanical problems and found none, prescribed Tramadol painkillers rather than anti inflammatories, as I have C to take care of. I took one last night about 7.30 and it was not good, this morning I still felt queezy and tired having woke 3 or 4 times in the night for no reason I know except I felt on edge.
I'm now realizing that I'm not good with these synthetic medicines, I've gone through this sort of thing before, with Amitriptyline which was given to me for the pains in my neck and arms.
 needless to say I wont be taking any more!
The pain is still there but the area it covers is reducing which suggests the muscles are getting stronger , better or well again. 


Su said...

Sorry you're still feeling so rough - hope things get better soon. As the daughter of a hardened circus fanatic I think your little tag is very sweet. Have I ever mentioned we were taken camping with a circus when I was about 7, on Clapham Common in London? I had some VERY strange holidays!!!

Yvonne Moxon said...

Wow how interesting Su, your family must have been very friendly with them, I always get the impression that their world is very closed to outsiders, but perhaps I have it wrong? Your 'holiday' sounds very exciting, I imagine you have some great memories!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Hi Yvonne - I hope your back is feeling a little more better again today. Having 'been there' I know it's no fun at all, and especially frustrating with a wee one to care for.
I remember my grandma's Singer sewing machine with a foot treadle. I loved watching her use it.
Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery :0) x

Louise said...

Hi! I do hope your back feels better soon, it sounds very annoying. You have inspired me to sell some of my machines too. You are so right, they are made to last and be used, not just sitting in the cupboard. Thank you for these inspiring words. :-)


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