Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Shopping trip

Yesterday 'C' and I took a drive out to IKEA Edinburgh for a couple of things, the main one being this cream fleece throw.
I had one already and used it as a button on winter topper inside the cover of 'C's cot bed quilt.
I plan to use this inside my 'Flower Quilt' instead of the heavy blanket that was in there, making it a bit lighter in weight and easier to wash. I'm going to spend quite a bit of time on the quilt this week to get it finished.

I also picked up these great little stacking beakers ideal for the caravan, a microwave food cover and a non slip step stool for 'C' to make things easier ;) while shes away. I do like IKEA for their simple but sturdy designs and very reasonable prices. This lot came to just over £10 not bad really!

This morning at 4am I waved 'C' off with her daddy to begin a big long drive down to South Hampton for a wee holiday to see nana Moxon, (sniff, sniff ) this has been planned for a while,  a whole week without them :( but a whole week in my studio :)  I will use it wisely! and enjoy the time, its a little holiday for me too. Hopefully I will have some progress pictures of my quilt to show tomorrow. Im working on my Tag tonight.

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