Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter week activities

I have been busy this week with a few different projects and things to do.
The beginning of the week saw the fridge taken over with these little creatures

 chocolate bunnies, I like to make these for the children in the family.
I also made Easter Eggs for us here at home but forgot to take pictures of them before we tucked in today opps :)
 I decorated more eggs to give as gifts too,

 I did each one in a different colour of beads and matching ribbon
 blue, green and red.

 They did enjoy a small spell on my Easter tree,
(again I forgot to take a picture)
 before being packed into my basket on Thursday
we enjoyed a family get together at my mums, a chance for the children to catch up
 and spend some time together.
The other packages in the basket are a two belated birthday gifts
Peek and Seek bags also known as (I spy bags) 
for my niece's two little girls, Grace (6) & Lois (3)
The bags are filled with barley and a selection of little trinkets beads buttons etc. Attached to the bags is a little laminated picture and typed list of all the little things you have to search for and find in the bag.
I have made a few now to give as gifts.
The 3rd blue bag on the bottom of the pile is a gift for Adam who is also 3.
 His party was on Saturday, Charlotte had a fab time, there were some animals there for the children to see, and get up close,
 some cute some not so cute, there was a little duck wandering about
 which had a nibble at her hand but she was'nt scared
 her favourite was the dragon.
There was also a tortoise,
  rabbit, cockerel, rat, mouse, scorpion, snake tarantula, very large cockroach, and a guinea pig.
So quite a busy week really :)
Today a spent a little time in my studio working on my tag for Tuesday
 ...the theme is spring cleaning . .  and has been a bit of a challenge.
I hope that everyone has had a peaceful Easter Day
Yvonne x


Su said...

What a lovely idea your little bags are. it looks a great party too, fancy meeting a dragon when you're 3!

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi Su, I cant take the credit for the idea it's been around on the net for a while, they are a bit of a fiddle to make but the kids love them and they are great for car journeys. C did have a lovely time at the party.


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