Sunday, 25 January 2015

Mary's Inchie's

I was commissioned to do a very special set of Inchies as a Christmas gift to a much loved Lady and Nana called Mary who was 91 years old.
 Her Granddaughter Elaine wanted to show how much she loved her and meant to her, she told me a little bit about Mary and the little things she treasured and enjoyed

such as flowers,  reading books and enjoying rides out in the car,

a loving, caring person... she loved sweets and cakes too!

I tried to capture as much as I could into each little inch

in vibrant pinks and purples,  colours she liked.....

I was so sad to hear the news that Mary died on new years day :(
It's sad to loose a loved one at any time, but I always feel it must be especially sad when it's over the festive season, when everyone around is celebrating and being merry.
She is sorely missed by all her family.
I hope the little set of Inchies will help as a 
 little tribute to her memory.
 R.I.P. Mary x


Elizabeth Braun said...

So sorry for the loss, but what lovely squares! There are some terrific ideas there....

TwinkleToes2day said...

Such a sad loss for all her family and friends. I bet she really appreciated all the time and thought you put into making this personal, one of a kind gift. You put some really cool things on it Yvonne ((hugs)) xx

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Hi! Your inches are gorgeous! Love the colors!


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