Tuesday, 23 April 2013

P is for .........


Pulled Thread Work
Pattern Darning
working one these two slightly different forms of counted thread work is very slow and not to be done when tired! this little piece is far from perfect, I had to pick out and redo bits I had to remind myself that this is just a little sample piece or it would never had got finished! and there are still more than a few mistakes in there!
It was nice to work the pineapple in the variegated thread, I think the colours worked out well.
Now on to the letter Q ! ......hmmmm

and ........ Progress it's  been a very busy time here with changes taking place in the garden and at the side Kevin has extended the fence to meet up with the conifers on the side of the drive, it used to stop in line with the house.

 we had a few instances of children from the park running through them and throwing things at our little caravan :( it looks much better now :)

The dividing fence and gate are removed for now and will be put up again further back to give us a longer bit of drive out front again, that is sitting on the decking joists outback for now, weather has slowed things up with the decking but it is getting there!

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