Wednesday, 6 February 2013


So last night we did some stitching with Shisha mirrors with Jean Boath.
Jean runs all kinds of workshops for patchwork and textile art techniques. I first met Jean when we studied City & Guilds at Lauder college together, she was doing patchwork and I was doing embroidery, it was nice to catch up with her after such a long time. 
It was also on that embroidery course way back then that I last did Shisha work,
 this is my sample from then.
this was done about 12yrs ago!
so as you can gather I was a bit rusty! and my first attempt was so bad that I had to cut it all off and start again! I changed my choice of thread and with a little guidance from Jean I set off again and this was the result.....

then I tried one of my square mirrors that I use for my little pendants.
I was quite pleased :) 
as you can imagine with lots of chat that was all I got done
 but when I got home I was itching to do more so
 I tried out one of my oval pink jewel cut cabochons 
not bad I thought so then I did another....
a blue square this time
I think I'm liking these and the effect with the faceted ones is so pretty when used with a co-ordinating variegated thread. 
I then challenged myself to go small.....well why not, I like small and I used a single fine variegated thread 
on a small 8mm cabochon.
I think I will be incorporating these into my work a lot more.

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TwinkleToes2day said...

These are SO gorgeous Yvonne! I love mirrors in work, but have yet to use any of my stash of ready 'dressed' mirrors that I bought a while ago. I do think they need something special to be used on, so that's probably half the reason why I've not used them. The other half is just plain forgetting about them lol. :0) Mo x


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