Monday, 18 February 2013


This is my little piece of Mountmellick that my sister Theresa and I are working on with EG Airdrie branch.
New work to both of us, the design is from a copy of Stitch magazine. We were both drawn to the design because it is quite open and light in pattern compared to some of the other designs we could have chosen from various books and also because we like toadstools, especially Theresa, who is drawn to all things 'Fairy' !
The design is by Katie Pirson of 'What Katie Threads Next'

As many of the women in the group have already work on a Mountmellick piece they had some supplies so we bought some Mountmellick thread which comes in a mat finish and 'Jean' fabric which is white twill weight with a slight sheen to it. However there are 4 different widths of thread and there was only the two thicker ones left, I've had to order the 2 thinner widths, this is where we have both got to using the No 3 & 4 and now patiently waiting on our thread arriving.

We have both got other projects to be working on though,
 I'm still working on my little tags and 
there is our 'House' for Fife branch which I've almost done,
Theresa beat me to it on that she finished hers last week.


TwinkleToes2day said...

Wow wow wow Yvonne! That is totally gorgealiciously beautiful!! White on white always looks so stunning to me. You are a lady of considerable talent. Have a terrific Tuesday :0) Mo x

Texture Trail said...

Beautiful work, Yvonne! I haven't heard of Mountmellick before, so very interesting too.
Jane x


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