Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Jars of note & Pomanders

I made these for an arts and craft evening I did reciently

Jar's of Note

made from recycled Christmas cards

I have also been making traditional Pomanders with oranges and lemons
with scents of cinnamon & lemon oil 

 they  add a lovely aroma around the room 
and make great Christmas stocking fillers
This is one I made about 25 years ago, 
 it has shrunk to half the size, and its so lightweight now
 the fruit has completely dried out.

I've been so busy I have forgot to post pictures here of my  Tag Tuesday tags
three of them!
 Winter Landscape week 49
old Christmas card pieces combined with stitch,
watercolour moon, sequins and beads.

Deck the Halls week 50
stitched Christmas card pieces
mini tinsel garland and paper chains

Two Bauble tags week 51
decorate a bauble
I manage to cut two bauble shapes from this Christmas tree card
to which I added more bling!
Feeling a bit more organized now I have the decorations and tree up!
Tomorrow our little Charlotte plays a star in the nursery nativity play :)
Looking forward to that :)
thanks for stopping by!


Marigold Jam said...

Beautiful tags - love all of them!

Su said...

I love the little jars - such a clever idea. We used to make pomanders with the children but they always ended up going mouldy so I'm amazed that you have one that is 25 years old! I must have done something wrong with ours :-(

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thank you both :)
Sue, the trick with pomanders is that after you have put in all the cloves, you coat them in an equal mix of cinnamon and orris root powder and a few drops of essential oil (put the powder and pomanders in a plastic bag and shake to coat the fruit, remove, tap off the excess, wrap in tissue and store them for 2/3 weeks in a warm dry place to cure, I use the airing cupboard. After this you can unwrap and tie the ribbons on them.


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