Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas, Cake & a Tag

I have been struck down with so many ailments in the past week
 I cant be bothered to list them all, suffice to say that 
with a full house again, all bugs and germs have invaded my home from nursery, high school
 and 3 different places of work.....and I got them all at once! 
I have been tanked up with decongestants, paracetamol and antibiotics, 
needless to say they bring their little side helpings of other things too!
anyway any energy I have had each day was put to good use and we managed to cook a really lovely Christmas dinner with 4 of us each doing a course, I cooked the meat, slow cooked ham and a leg of lamb, both declared delicious... so I did ok  :)
I didn't get any pictures on the day this year it took me all my energy just to be.

I did take a picture today of Charlotte with the cake that she and I decorated the day before Christmas Eve 
isn't it lovely :) she had so much fun making her snowman and trees.
this is a little Christmas tree kit her dad bought her that we had fun with too.

This weeks Tag Tuesday
no need to guess the theme
' a king is born in Bethlehem'
more recycling of Christmas cards.
I'm still 2 short and wont be happy until I have completed the years themes in full but it will have to wait until I am feeling a bit more energised.
I hope you are all enjoying the holiday x


Su said...

hope you feel better soon. The cake looks lovely :-)

Barb Cady said...

Happy new year Yvonne, I've had the dreaded bugs too, so hope you're feeling better. Hugs barb x

Karen said...

Charlotte is so precious...beautiful. I hope you are feeling better now....


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