Friday, 19 October 2012

Not all goes to plan

On Sunday we packed our little Monza and headed off to Dunbar
 for the second week of the Fife school holidays.

 The plan was for me to stay here with Charlotte and Harry

As promised, here is a little picture of my prayer flags in place, don't they look pretty!

Meanwhile Kevin went back home to begin major a workshop move in the garden.

On Sunday evening we enjoyed sitting in the awning with the heater on and with Charlotte all ready for bed in her cosy all in ones eating freshly cooked pancakes with butter, lemon juice and chocolate spread...yum!

Monday was a lovely sunny day and first thing after breakfast, Charlotte and I set off on our little bike to find the duck pond down at the glen, I'm kicking myself that I didn't put the camera in the bike basket, the cycle down to the glen was quite steep and when we got there the pond was full of ducks and swans all looking for breakfast, some kind people who were staying in one of the chalets backing on to the pond gave Charlotte a morning roll to feed to the hungry flock, she was delighted.

After about an hour we headed back up the steep hill back to the caravan. I wasn't feeling too great, a bit out of breath, lacking energy and an annoying cough had started. Harry and I took it in turn to take Charlotte to the park in between reading and eating, I was looking forward to the next few days in the caravan.

Back home Kevin and David were getting the workshop dismantled in the dry weather.
I have so many pictures taken by David and will have to do a separate post on this.

Unfortunately I began feeling quite unwell on Monday during the night I woke up a few times in the night and Kevin decided that as the weather forecast has changed for Tuesday he would come down and stay with us until it improved.
On Tuesday I worked on my tag

Having put a little thought into it I had an idea while packing the van.
I quickly printed of a little image onto fabric transfer paper and popped some supplies into my bag.
I set to work to make something of it.
 The image was of a rusty anchor taken on Crete in 2003
A rusty nail which Kevin gave me before I left when I asked if he had any rusty things I could use.
My finished tag.
Im pleased I was able to post it on time thanks to the wi fi access at Thurston Manor :)

Kevin arrived in the afternoon.
Tuesday night was really bad with both of us feeling really unwell and decided it was time to pack up and go home before we got any worse.
We packed up Wednesday morning and came home :(
I think that was our last trip away for this year in our little Monza.
Still trying to get rid of this cough, still keeping me awake at night.


Twiglet said...

What a shame - it sounded the right spot for a perfect break. Your little tag is lovely and the addition of the rusty nail too. Hope you are feeling better soon. x Jo

Marigold Jam said...

Oh what a shame - best laid plans of mice and men eh?! Hope you will feel better soon and at least you did have some stitching time and produced tht lovely tag.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Aww, hope you're feeling much better now Yvonne and the weather is holding nicely for more work in the garden.
I think your tag is fabulous :0) x

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments Ladies. No doubt there will be plenty visits there next year.


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