Thursday, 25 October 2012

Garden Changes

A few weeks ago, after much deliberation , Kevin decided to make big changes in our back garden.
 The raised beds at the back of the garden produced such a disappointing crop this year, and some closer inspection also revealed a very large infestation of ants!
We decided the space could be put to better use if we moved Kevin's 7x16 foot workshop from the side of the house to the back of the garden.
 This move would free up the back of the drive and make better use of the garden space.
This picture was taken last summer when we had a good crop.
The raised beds were emptied and lowered
Some of the boards were lifted and rearranged to form a rectangle base for the workshop
filled with hardcore and soil from the beds
with a little bit of help from our garden helper and her wheel barrow :)
then there was a thick layer of sand,
then a thick membrane,
and Eco base blocks, now its ready for the move.

The rest of the soil from the raised beds didn't go to waste either,
 but put to good use out in the front garden :)
There are problems with this space, it gets water logged and overrun with weeds and moss, 
levelled out with soil
covered with thick membrane and this lovely golden flint gravel.
We are so pleased at the difference this has made,
It just looks so much better don't you think.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

It'll look great when it's finished.... :o)


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