Sunday, 16 November 2008

Pretty in Pink

I have been working on orders two more banners.

Both with a 'girly pink' theme.

First a selection of some of the triangles

And the two finished banners

Six different 'Pink & Cream' themed triangles


This is an Irish girls name, pronounced 'Queevi'
I hope the girls like their banners.


Linda Vincent said...

Hello Yvonne
I've found you through Dot Christian...and I'm so glad I did; your blog and your artwork are wonderful. I have an apology to make too... we have put some of your inchies on our challenge blog (as inspiration)thinking that they were Dots. Do you mind if we acknowledge you on our blog and put a link to you?
We'd love to do that.
You can email me - address is on my blog here
Our challenge blog is here
Look forward to hearing from you.

Linda Vincent said...

Links don't seem to be working!
I'll type them in full...

Dot said...

These are so beautiful Yvonne! Hope you are feeling well.

Take care

Dot xx

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Love the banners Yvonne. Lovely colours and fabrics.


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