Thursday, 28 February 2008

Violet Snowstorm

Getting Creative With Paper Beads
I love the effect which has been created in these beads.
July /August 2007 issue 13 of "Cloth Paper Scissors"
In "Dipped & Delighted" Kelli Perkins invites us to take the Paper Beads we all love making from Common to Extraordinary.
She Writes: " From the time we pick up our first crayon to the time we stand and admire our adult handiwork, we are taking the elemental experience of making art with our hands and branding it with our unique presence. There is a comforting simplicity in those crafts learned as children that makes them an ideal launching point for true artistic adventure. Making paper beads can be as simple as rolling construction paper with paste and painting it with nail polish, or as satisfyingly complex as multi-layered wonders that emulate the fanciest lampwork beads."

Hunting out my stash of paper beads that I had already made while at college using magazine pages and painted & pearlised papers, I was in my element experimenting & trying out Kelli's suggestions of using paint, embossing powders, seed beads, metallic, threads and wire.

These turned out well I thought...Very dramatic! I had to team them up with some Violet Opal crystals to bring out the lilac metallic paper still showing at the top end.
Now available in my Etsy store these are definitely limited edition .......

Thanks to Kelli for inspiring me to get out those mundane paper beads which I have almost thrown out on more than one occasion. The results are amazing!

Those little pale pink ones at the bottom are very tactile and I find I just want to hold the whole lot in my and and swirl them around..... the glass pearly seed beads make a lovely noise and add a good weight to them.........

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The Lone Beader® said...

I have always wanted to make my own paper beads...


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