Thursday 6 September 2007

Sketchbooks & Doodles

I have left my blog a little neglected the last couple of weeks but this is not to say that I haven't been busy. I thought I would post some pictures of some little doodles I have did recently.
I find these fun to do and they have been quite therapeutic at times!

I might work with them more, perhaps scan and print onto watercolour paper and add colour. I love little sketchbooks.... you can take them anywhere .... the pages are small and dont ask for much if you know what I mean.....

This is an A6 size sketchbook .......... if I dont like what I put down ...... well its only one little page ....... does anyone else see them this way?

Perhaps is because I work a lot in miniature, I see all you journal makers out there with those large A4 size books!! ....... My largest workbook at the moment it A5


Judy Scott said...

I love your doodles, Im always doodling and when I feel rubbish I doodle, I have paper everywhere with doodles!! These are great and it doesnt matter how small they are. Do you ever doodle with your sewing machine?

Im laughing now cause of the amount of times Ive written doodle!! ~ its a happy word.

Did I miss much on Tuesday ~ Was having a bad time:( couldnt face the world. M said something about a workshop but didnt put my name down, do you know who I contact? hope you're having a good week and enjoying the sun, see you soon ~ Jx

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi Judy, it is a happy word your right! & they are great for cheering you up and ideal when you havent got the energy to do much else. Im happy to say I have my enery levels back now :o)

sorry you couldnt make it on Tuesday :o( I hope you are feeling better.
It was nice and informal, some of us had a bit more done to our caskets and we did a show and tell. We voted for comittee members, Im still in there, need a break though but we can't all leave at once. There are 2 workshops booked so far one in October 27th with Susan Shaw, the details of the workshop are still to be confirmed but its a choice between two, I'll let you know when I get more info from Janet. The second one is in Feb with Alison King on the subject of exits and entrances, this will tie in nicely with the theme for our exhibition 'Fife Treasures' The idea being that you get some Photographs taken in and around Fife...& source material on gates & doorways looking out of and through ....etc.
If you want added to the list for either contact Dawn her number is on the program card. Yx

Yvonne Moxon said...

Oh forgot to say Judy, I remember doodling with my sewing machine while doing my City & Guilds embroidery but I tend to shy away from the sewing machine.
That said I was so inspired on the 'Embroidered Casket'workshop that I will hopefully get back into using my machine.

Judy Scott said...

Thanks Yvonne I will try and get hold of Dawn, hopefully there'll be a place left on both. I love sewing with my machine I havent finished the casket as I had to finish the swaps to get them off to America in time!! But maybe this week Ill get a bit done, just been to Glasgow with Rachel to see another uni, dont offer what she wants though :(. Saturday Im going to an Anja Townrow workshop with our quilters group and then Monday Im dyeing at college (Im so excited as Ive never dyed before).

thanks for all your visits too ~ take care, Judy x

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Yvonne, love your doodles, especially the last pic. You are one very artistic lady!

Anonymous said...

Love your doodles! They would make great backgrounds for scrapbooking paper. Or you could do them in watercolor and frame them with contrasting mats. That would be beautiful. I can't draw a straight line but I draw my designs out whenever they come to me. I have them laying all over my house. As a matter of fact I found one in my husband's sock drawer yesterday. lol

Cecelia said...

Your doodles and sketchbook are really nice. I carry, along with my sketchbook, a small travel set of Winsor Newton watercolors, with some small brushes inside, and a film container that I use for water. I can entertain myself anywhere! I also have some tissue and, pens and pencils, too.

MiniBear said...

I'd never thought of using an A6 size...I've always felt daunted by the expanse of white on a page.
I think you've inspired me!
Thank you!!!!


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