Monday 17 September 2007

Miniature Hanging Basket Winners!

Here are the winners of the hanging basket competition.
It was so difficult to decide on the final winners from the entries received.
So much time and effort had clearly been put into these lovely little baskets & they were all wonderful.
1st Prize ~ Jayne Price
I think Jayne has made an excellent job of making up her Pyramid basket from the kit & she has filled it with a beautiful selection of eyecatching colourful blooms & well placed trailing plants.
Jayne says she had great fun with the kit which was very satisfying to make.
Congratulations & well done Jayne!
1st prize is a commissioned hand embroidered miniature picture.
2nd Prize ~ Sharon Blackburn

Sharon handmade these beautiful fern leaves to fill her cone shaped basket.
I think it's full look is wonderful. Chosen for its different approach and originality I like the fullness of this foliage filled basket.
Sharon says 'I really enjoyed making the basket kit and I'm very pleased with the results'
Congratulations & well done Sharon!!
2nd Prize is £20 to spend on any Boxoftrix Miniature or Kits
3rd Prize ~ Sue Wakefield

Although I had originally intended to have only 2 prizes, one for each of the basket shapes provided in the kit, I decided to award a 3rd prize for this lovely basket.
Sue says it took her enough time just to make the one basket which she filled with flowers made from kits it's the first time she has made anything really as she is quite new to it all!!
well I think its lovely & like her use of colourful flowers and trailers. Well done Sue!!
3rd Prize is £10 to spend on any Boxoftrix miniatures or Kits


SJ said...

Wonderful creations!! Congratulations to the winners Well done!!

Anonymous said...

WOW congratulaitions to all of the winners of the basket contest , Im sure Yvonne must have had a really hard choosing a winner as they are all very pretty entries , Well done everyone xx karen

Judy Scott said...

What fabulous results, congratulations to the winners ~ Judy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful arrangements! Congrats to each of the winners!!


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