Thursday, 13 September 2007

Embroidered Casket

I have finally finished my little casket !
I started this at an 'Embroidered Caskets' workshop by Janet Edmonds which was organised by our local Fife branch of Embroiderers Guild.
It was great get my sewing machine out and have fun with it again. I tend to want to hand stitch everything but I had to admit as I was stitching away I was already planning a different shape for the next one.
I choose a blue/green shot poly cotton for the base fabric and added blue/pink shot taffeta squares and triangles. The squares were then edged with a beautiful ribbon I bought at a stitching show a couple of years back. It's a variegated hand dyed ribbon with an iridescent edging which suggested the next colour to use almost instantly ...... Pink!
The bead closure is made from a machined fabric strip which was then rolled and stitched together & glass seed beads to finish.

The taffeta triangles are sprinkled with bright pink bugle beads.

Pink silk thread tassels & feet. My 'YM' initial monogram on the bottom.

looking down from the top it looks like a starfish!

These little puffs are made from a very thin hand dyed silk & hand stitched silk thread onto a teal crushed velvet background which was stitched on top of the taffeta squares.
Each of the 5 puffs has a different coloured crystal bead in the centre.

Variegated dyed ribbon which has an iridescent edging & turquoise gimp are stitched with a variety of threads.

This was great little piece to work on why not have a go. This same 'Pentagon Box' design was featured as a project in the EG stitch magazine


Judy Scott said...

Oh wowowowow it is so beautiful and your stitching is just perfect, the colours are fabulous and the little tassels remind me of the fuschia in my garden. Very lovely ~ Jx

Yvonne Moxon said...

Aww thanks Judy glad you like it :o) Yx

Anonymous said...

Why is it called a "casket"? What is it used for? It is beautful. Great colors!

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thanks :o) The name 'Casket' is given to highly bejewelled & decorated boxes, often jewllery boxes.

In USA what you call a 'Casket' we here in the UK call a 'Coffin'


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