Thursday, 8 January 2015

Stained Glass Star

I have been working on this Stained Glass 12 Point Star Blanket 
for my Mother in Law Pat
I finished it on Christmas eve
 then decided to add the shell border on the 3rd 
its a gift, for her birthday, but also a thank you to her
 for all the lovely wool she gave me a few months ago.
This wool was part of that huge stash 
and was a complete kit with pattern for an
 80s style black jumper by Jaeger
Knitting pattern and wool
Jaeger Matchmaker 2 DK 100% wool.
 There were also 11 balls of black
 I decided it would be a shame to split up this retro collection of colours so
 I started to first work on a triangle motive shawl and got this far with the motives
then I decided I didnt like it and wished I had made a round stained glass effect window blanket. I couldnt find a pattern for one online so I opted for a 12 point star pattern, after of course unravelling this lot and winding it all back into balls. I used the smother 'Russian' join method  

No point in putting a link to the star pattern,  because as I worked my way through 2 different colours it started to ripple and I had to ask for davice on what was going wrong, the ever helpful bunch at Creative crochet crew on facebook came to my aid and sorted me out. The pattern I was following was increasing way to much too soon so I followed advice there and completed the blanket.
I used as much of the colours as I could and the blanket measures 48 inches across including the scalloped edge. I have 5 full balls of black left which I will use in my next project.
A Drops pattern 'Bohemian Oasis' blanket 
 I have 25 blocks of that done already!

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TwinkleToes2day said...

Oh Yvonne the blanket is beautiful! Your mother in law will be thrilled to bits with it. I am so impressed with your crochet skills, you're a natural. Hope the weather isn't too awful with you, but it does seem to be over most of the country. It's just gone sooo dark here I can barely see my keyboard, lol. Enjoy your weekend, stay safe & warm ((hugs)) :o) xx


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