Friday, 26 October 2012

Sketchbooks and Magazine

I have decided to join in with Lynn's 'Sketchbook Friends' 
I'm going with my own chosen theme of 
'Captured Moments'
I like to chop and change medium a lot I feel that this would best describe anything I might add or explore in my book from day to day, week to week.
 I'm going to use the little book that I had set aside for housing my Tags, but that idea didn't work out so well so I stopped, but I will keep the pages in there that I started to working on, they are, after all,
Captured Moments 
 background page for snowy tags
 for my white tag
for my vintage photograph album tag.

On the subject of books I bought the first issue of the new
 I signed up for the trial subscription of 3 issues of Homemaker Magazine for £6 which sounds like a good deal to me but I was a bit disappointed when I read in the confirmation email that I had missed out on the 1st issue and my subscription would start from the second issue, (wondering if this was a ploy?) anyway so when I popped into the supermarket last night for a couple of things, I bought the first issue.
 with free Christmas source book
Only halfway through reading it but I like it, beautiful pictures, packed full of ideas and on line info too.
 There are a lot of cut outs and vintage style printed pages to keep including some pretty spotty paper chains (I think these will end up in my girls room ;)
I look forward to trying out some of the ideas and using the templates.

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TwinkleToes2day said...

The backgrounds you'd previously done in your book are fab :) I took a look at A Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery: Designs, Textures, Stitches and it's so interesting! I do like the 'Look Inside' feature that Amazon have, it makes selecting or discarding a book so much easier.
Your magazine looks very interesting; I do love magazine freebies :0) x


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