Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I made a bag !

I made a new bag for myself using this wonderful tutorial from 'Tiny Happy' Melissa
It's such a wonderful, simple tutorial to follow with great easy step by step pictures to follow and a great template drawing.

For my bag I used some beautiful navy damask fabric, leftover from another project Im working on

and a beautiful two tone blue green shimmery cotton mix for the inside.
The tutorial shows one pocket on the inside but I added another bigger one on the other side of the inside I like pockets :o)

This is the inside but the bag is fully reversible so can be used either way if you put a button on both sides.
I also made the button loop longer than needed so I put a little dart about a cm from the top which I have looped some ribbon through. The button is metal with an antique brass finish, I'm undecided about it and might change it if I find a more glitzy one.....I'm thinking shimmery glass and chunky.

I like how it has turned out and I haven't stopped using it since I made it on Friday it's fab
Thanks Melissa <3


Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Great bag! I envy people who can make bags. I should really take the plunge and try it : )

Louise said...

Lovely bag! It has inspired me to make a new one :-)

Boxoftrix said...

Thanks Aileen and louise, this relly was such an easy tutorial to follow.


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