Sunday, 2 November 2014

Christmas 'Inchie' workshop in Kelso

Once again the ladies in Kelso gathered for another fun filled Inchie workshop, 
and here they are......all contentedly stitching away....
Elaine played host this time in her lovely home ..... 

The ladies who did the workshop last time wanted to make Christmas Inchies
......there were some new faces too!
these young ladies chose to do lovely pastel themed ones
 which were very pretty!

with more than a few giggles too!
I do enjoy meeting up with these girls they are such good fun.
Elaine (in the coral top) planned a fabulous lunch.
Her lovely friend Kate (right of Elaine) came along and helped her serve to us all, 
she then joined in the fun helping out with little bits here and there joined in the chat.
It was a fabulous day they all worked hard to get the edges on their Inchies stitched so they could get them framed up before leaving..... most managed this ....again I was very impressed!

It's always so hectic at the end of the day!...never time to take pictures of the finished pictures but here are some pictures taken by some of the girls of their own work.
Elaine's 'Christmas' 

Jane's 'Pink Hearts and Flowers' 

Joanna's 'Pastel Pinks and Greens'

Claire's 'Christmas' 

Jude's 'Christmas'

Nicola's 'Christmas'

Jill's 'Christmas'
Angie's 'Christmas'
 a shot of Elaine's lovely kitchen display, 

you might also spot a little 'Holly' mouse in her new home :)

If you would like to host an Inchie workshop please contact me for more details.


TwinkleToes2day said...

Oh my, what beautiful work all the ladies did, I'm very impressed too! And Elaine's kitchen display, with Miss Mousey, is very lovely. Have a super Sunday (hugs) :o) x

Christine L said...

Wowwww.... don't know if you remember me... but I still see what you do!! And I SOOOOOO want to come to one of your workshops!

Christine x

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thanks Mo you are always so kind with your comments they are always so uplifting to read :)Hope you have a super Sunday too! xx

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi Christine :) of course I remember you :) always lovely to hear from you x


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