Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Thread sorting

My thread boxes were so mixed up it had become difficult to find the right thread at a glance! My system needed rearranging big time. So yesterday I spent the best part of 4 hrs doing just that. 

 I also replaced the rest of the card bobbins with plastic ones. 

Job done!
I always pack way to much stuff to workshops, 
I'm big 'just in case' person and it needs to change.
Next are all my beads and embellishments the jars look great on my studio shelves but having to pack them all into a big trolly bag is time consuming and its heavy! I have ordered new storage ...looking forward to sorting this out too!


Lynn Holland said...

You can't beat the feeling of satisfaction when you've reorganised. It's worth all the effort in the end.
Button storage is on the cards for me next Yvonne. They are all seperated into individual colours but needed bagging up now. Hmm could be today's job I think
Lynn xx

TwinkleToes2day said...

Lovely colours and now so neat and tidy. I reorganised a few months ago, but I'm afraid everything's slightly higgledy-piggledy again. Need to do some clearing before our visitors arrive in three weeks time. Yikes!! Have a great weekend :o) xx


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