Thursday, 16 January 2014

3D Ampersand with the Silhouette Cameo

I wanted to make one of these from wood but the prospect of all that cutting and sanding and mess kinda put that project on the back burner until now........
after seeing this great post on the Lisa's blog I knew it would be so much easier.
here's how it went
I knew I would find a use for those graze boxes...
the font used is called 'Vani'
a good stable 3D shape to stand on a flat surface.

used double sided tape to stick down small craft foam offcuts
 perfect for the job
then added the second cut out with more double sided tape

 I wrapped newspaper strips soaked with a pva glue /water 50/50 mix
 around the whole shape

one layer, left to dry overnight.

 I should give it another layer but I didn't,
 I'm too impatient and time is short

my favourite little pot of black paint

and there we have it!
I like it not bad for my second project,
can't show you my first yet as its a gift not given yet just a few days to go.


TwinkleToes2day said...

That looks so cool Yvonne. It seems to be quite big, is it? Why an ampersand? It's quite smart in black but I liked it in the multi-coloured paper too.
Have a great weekend :o) x

Lisa {grey luster girl} said...

I love it! I really like how you wrapped it in the paper mache newspaper. Thanks for sharing the link with me!!


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