Friday, 10 May 2013

Change is afoot

It's been a very busy time here with lots of changes going on, which means lots of work and not much blogging, however there has been a little bit of creative activity ..... here's a little peek....

yep I've been at it again..... another stamp decoupaged caravan table ... :)
I love doing these....perhaps I should offer it as a service!
perhaps a little crazy of me but we managed to track down another table exactly the same as the one on our little Monza not far from us.
Its finished now :)

next there was cushions to be made
from some lovely vintage curtains I found in the charity shop.
The colour was a perfect match for the caravan seat covers.


Lynn Holland said...

I can imagine you sat there Yvonne doing our decoupage, it looks a restful activity. A bit like doing a jigsaw though , exciting when the pieces come together in the right places. You can't beat a bargain either.
Lynn x

Su said...

Your caravan certainly has some lovely fittings in it :-)

Yvonne Moxon said...

Oh yes Lynn very addictive once you start you have to keep going! It looks great :)

Thanks Su we are very fond of our little Monza


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