Friday, 8 July 2011

Caravan update

Progress continuing, interior paintwork finished, for such a small space the painting has been a major job, so many fiddly bits and different surfaces.

Most areas took 3 coats or more to get an even finish.

The cupboard doors are finished in a lovely shade called 'Blue Reflection' by Dulux this paint was the best to work with, giving excellent coverage and a great finish. The real bonus was we already had 3/4 of a tin of this, left over from redecorating our bathroom.

We decided to keep the original handles and painted them successfully with this.....

...... another free find.....left over from my ceiling light re-vamp
I also used it on the foot pump for the water which was a horrible grey colour before.

Kevin has been replacing the white plastic inserts which go into the rubber surrounds.

This has made such a difference!

One window needs replacing but until we find one it will need repaired.

There are still 3 areas to be worked on one is the wardrobe. Not sure if I want to paint this or wall paper it, which is more likely. It still has the original wallpaper & paint finish inside.

 Then there is the toilet / storage cupboard. This has a double fold out door to allow more space for use as a changing room.

and the kitchen worktop area.

This had a Fablon /sticky plastic covering on it which I removed leaving a sticky mess on the Formica surface beneath.

 A nailbrush and some kitchen cleaner with bleach soon sorted that.

There is some damage to the surface but a little bit of filler will sort that out. I'm not sure I could live with that blurry Formica which is also on the tables underneath more Fablon.

Front table

the back fold down table

I replaced the rear section of the front benches with thicker hardboard but the front sections have removable hardwood covers.

One of them had a very poor repair using pieces of laminate flooring and some very long dangerous screws sticking out!

It had crack on one side only so I decided to repair this with some paper mache, this should be strong enough to hold it for now. I'm sure we will replace it eventually.

This is the back pull out bed section


and after

So next will be the carpet, curtain & cushions :)


Louise said...

You've done fabulous making over/repairing your little caravan. I just love the blue.

Anonymous said...

What a lot you've got doene - and I'm sure you will enjoy it all the more knowing hoew much love and attention you have lavished on it!!

Yvonne Moxon said...

Thanks Louise and Anne :) we are still working awy on the van and will have more pictures soon. We have had to concentrate on rebuilding our back fence this week which came down in the bad weather. However there has been some progress with the van too.


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