Sunday, 3 October 2010

Another patchwork UFO

I've ordered a panel for the back of the hexagon quilt, meanwhile determined to stick to the plan, I have pulled the second quilt from the UFO drawer.
This one was a quilt I started for my firstborn David, it was begun around the same time as the hexagon one and was intended as a long term slow project. I was aiming for a quilt big enough to cover a single bed. I realise now that for David who has now left home, working and gone back to college and now entered 3rd year at Uni, to enjoy and use this quilt it should have been a much smaller project.
I'll probable make it about 50inch square.

So how far had I got with it?'s a lovely little centerpiece with all the patches that I had cut being sewn together with no spare fabric or patches, this is probably the reason it was put aside, waiting for more of the dark blue chintz fabric to be cut into shapes.

I decided to remove and rearrange the dark blue pieces, I couldn't believe that when I counted them up I had the exact amount to finish evenly.
I worked on this today, lots of mess involved........

I had forgotten how the folds at the points get in the way of the thread all the time and it takes twice as long to stitch these little babies together than the hexagons. Each diamond shape measures only 2.5 inches from the widest points. What an ambitious attempt I was undertaking 12 yrs ago to get this to a single bed size quilt! You can see how the pieces in the hexagon quilt went together much quicker when they measure 4 inches across they are not so fiddly!

With all the tacking threads and papers removed, it now looks like this 

I didn't follow any pattern with this piece I just decided as a went along with what fabric I had available.
I think it looks quite pretty now. I cant believe there are 306 pieces in this!
 I plan to machine stitch this on top of a larger piece of fabric.

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Sara lechner said...

wow, great colours. I like the paper method to do something like that. If only my day had more hours!...


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