Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Spring Cleaning

'Spring Cleaning'
This weeks Tag Tuesday subject was a little bit of a challenge as nothing really was coming into my head and all I could think of was washing on the line which was one of the suggestions that Caroline had posted.

So I stuck with it and used the theme to have a little play with my watercolour paints.
I masked off the washing hanging on the line and went back in on them with watercolour pencils

the sky was a bit of a disaster so I covered it with acrylic paint and iridescent medium then glitter,
its not great but its just a bit of fun.
I edged the card with my Markal Paintstiks and added some textured yarns in white
to represent the clouds

I really enjoyed making the little daffodils from my stash of miniature flower kits.
 It was lovely to work in miniature again.
I added them to the bottom of the card covering the stalks with more foliage
I'm quite pleased with the overall result and have happily added it to my growing little pile of handmade tags, I'm really going to have to think about what I'm going to do with them all.
Tag: Thick watercolour paper 300gsm,
Painting in artist watercolours and pencils, acrylic paint and iridescent medium
Embellishments: Glitter flakes, handmade miniature daffodils.
Tie: White yarns.

Thanks for stopping by :)
Yvonne x


Angela Bell said...

Really pretty stuff!

Louise said...

Very sweet little tag!

Linda said...

Yvonne, As ever, your work is beautiful! Linda (Sue) Earnest


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