Friday, 20 April 2012

Rag Rug and Quilt, a little progress

Update on the rag rug
its getting bigger and a little easier to keep flat as I stitch the coil together

I took this picture Feb 29 and only started working on it again recently
it has progressed a little bit more . . . .

Of course the rug only grows as a result of the blocks being cut out from the little items
 of Charlotte's baby clothes . . . .

I kept the front of these whole and added fabric from other parts to square them off
I also did this little pink dress below this way, just to keep the frills :)

The block on the right is made from a tiny all in one vest topped with a favourite bib
 which I re-fashioned into a fish shape and appliqued on.
This is block number 10.
 A very quick windmill pieced block made from a set of two little tops one with little stars on, the other plain with a flower on the front which I cut out and appliqued onto the middle.

It's time I got more blocks done I think . . . . !


lady tie di said...

How are you stitching it together, by the way? It's lovely but not sure how you're putting it all together.... So want to try it as I've so many odd bits about!

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi and thank you. This is a very long term double project if you click on the labels at the bottom of the post you should be able to read about it. There is the quilt squares cut from my little ones baby clothes and then the rug from the leftover pieces... none of it is very fast moving as I keep putting it as it and trying to get back to it yo finish.
The quilt squares will be pieced using the rag quilt method.
The rug strips are stitched with a large needle and heavy linen thread it's not the quickest rug making method and it's difficult to keep it flat when going round in a circle.


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