Friday, 20 April 2012

Rag Rug and Quilt, a little progress

Update on the rag rug
its getting bigger and a little easier to keep flat as I stitch the coil together

I took this picture Feb 29 and only started working on it again recently
it has progressed a little bit more . . . .

Of course the rug only grows as a result of the blocks being cut out from the little items
 of Charlotte's baby clothes . . . .

I kept the front of these whole and added fabric from other parts to square them off
I also did this little pink dress below this way, just to keep the frills :)

The block on the right is made from a tiny all in one vest topped with a favourite bib
 which I re-fashioned into a fish shape and appliqued on.
This is block number 10.
 A very quick windmill pieced block made from a set of two little tops one with little stars on, the other plain with a flower on the front which I cut out and appliqued onto the middle.

It's time I got more blocks done I think . . . . !

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