Monday, 9 April 2012

A Painted Quilt WIP

I pulled out the larger quilt I made sometime ago
and first mentioned in this post back in May last year.

it has been sitting in my project drawer since, waiting to be painted.
I was enthused again when I bought the Markal Paintsiks which Linda and Laura Kemshall talk about and use in their wonderful book 'The Painted Quilt'
I began with a mix of blue and green watercolour fabric paint and did the surround
then mixed two shades of green to highlight the leaf shapes.

Next I worked with two different paint mixes in the large area, a pale pink and peach blend then a red and pink blend in the rest of the areas.
 Next I went in with highlighted using the Paintsiks
pictures to follow when can take some in the daylight. . . . .

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