Saturday, 14 April 2012

Painted quilt update

More pictures of the painted quilt
I applied the Markal oil paintstiks

 blue, green,

pearly white, gold and red

I decided on a pale aqua mix for the binding

 and added some of these little white sequins with french knots using some Caron Wildflowers
 thread along the middle line between the two colourways.

Then Charlotte had a little go at them when I wasn't looking the next morning,

she pulled all of the larger sequins leaving little pulled french knots.

 there was nothing for it, I had to cut them all off ... my lovely Caron thread :(

 I stitched them on again but had a rethink and used the thicker
Anchor pearl cotton that I had used on the binding on the corners


 in variegated blues it highlighted the oil sticks nicely

on the pink it adds a nice contrast
As it is now
Not sure what the next step is,
 I want to work more knots into the binding and on the quilted blue sections for now.
I feel as if I'm 'skirting around the edges' so to speak

 I want to put something in the larger pink section
just not sure what.


Theresa said...

this is really lovel, a nice mixture of colour, texture, threads, and the sequins ! T x

Christine L said...

Oh wow... Stunning!

Christine x

Su said...

The colours are gorgeous. I've got some markal paint sticks but have only fiddled with them rather than use them to create anything properly! I love how you've used french knots to sew the sequins on :-)

Amy said...

Beautiful! Love all of the details you are adding and your quilting is amazing!

Karen Ruane said...'s truly lovely. Are you in the embroidered knots group on flickr, I must go and see. Thanks for the help with my reading list too!!

Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi Karen yes I am a member (I promissed not to post shed pictures lol)I havent uploaded this to flickr yet but I will do and add it to the group.


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