Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Book of Tags & Playing catchup

As we are now almost at the end of the 4th month of Tag Tuesday I'm building up quite a little bundle of tags and although they look lovely in this little wire and organza box, I'm thinking they are soon about to outgrow it !
I have thought about hanging them on a string above my workshop windows, then I thought I might like to mount them onto a large canvas and hang them in a more prominent position.
Then Barb Cady sent me a link to her blog to show me how she was displaying her lovely tags from the challenge, she was using a spiral sketchbook, I thought it was a lovely idea, the spiral bound book has a bit more give for those tags with raised areas, so I think I'm going to do the same, I remember that I picked up a little spiral sketchbook in a charity shop around Christmas time and haven't used it yet, I knew it would come in handy one day.
This week I'm playing catchup, I missed this tag out,
for the theme Snow sports and games (week 2)
I had another idea at the time and didn't have the image I needed to do it,
My workshop tidy up produced a bag of cards I had forgotten about and and I found the perfect little scene of children playing in the snow and sledging with a stone bridge in the background.
I cut this out and added it as a raised layer
 onto a scene of snow capped trees from another Christmas card

Its a really glittery tag I love Christmas cards like this and it's nice to be able to use elements from two to make a keepsake scene. 
I added two different lengths of yarn for the tie
and some more sparkly white yarn hanging down

A simple little arrangement compared to some of my other tags
but its a nice partner for number 1. 'Snow'
 Once I have a few of the tags into the my little book I'll post some pictures.
thanks for stopping by :)

1 comment:

Lynn Holland said...

Hi Yvonne,I like your thinking behind what to do with all your tags. Mine are in a photograph album that I had started using for something else but didnt like it.
I am going to tell new tagger Mo Allen to have a look at your page to help her along.
Funny enough she is up in Scotland as well.
Have a good weekend.
Lynn x
ps, the winter tags look great


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